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Small Cell Solution

AEGOTEL offers expert guidance and expertise to service providers and organizations in planning and designing small cell networks. Their focus on network assessment, site selection, configuration, and integration helps ensure the effective deployment of small cells to enhance coverage and capacity in targeted areas

Here’s a more focused overview of AEGOTEL’s expertise in small cell solution design:

Solution Designs
Network Assessment
Site Selection
Interference Management
Backhaul Connectivity
Integration with Existing Networks
Documentation and Reporting

AEGOTEL conducts a comprehensive assessment of the coverage and capacity requirements in a specific area or building. We analyze factors such as user density, data traffic patterns, and existing network infrastructure to determine the need for small cells and their optimal placement.

AEGOTEL identifies suitable locations for small cell deployments based on the network assessment. We consider factors such as building structures, RF propagation characteristics, and potential interference sources to determine the most effective placement for small cell units.

AEGOTEL addresses potential interference issues that may arise in small cell deployments. We employ techniques such as frequency planning, power control, and interference mitigation strategies to minimize interference and maximize network performance.

AEGOTEL designs the backhaul connectivity for small cell networks. We determine the most suitable backhaul options, such as fiber optic or wireless links, to connect the small cells to the core network infrastructure.

AEGOTEL ensures seamless integration of small cell networks with the existing macrocell network infrastructure. We work closely with service providers to ensure proper handover and network coordination between small cells and macrocells.

AEGOTEL provides comprehensive documentation and reporting of the small cell solution design. This includes network diagrams, equipment specifications, coverage maps, and other relevant information to assist in the implementation and maintenance of the small cell network.