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Repeater coverage solution

AEGOTEL specializes in providing in-building solutions using Repeaters. Repeaters is a common solution to improve cellular signals within buildings. Repeater systems can be effective in enhancing indoor mobile coverage in various types of buildings, including offices, homes, shopping malls, and other indoor environments. Repeater systems can be a cost-effective solution to address indoor coverage challenges.

Here are some of the key aspects of coverage solutions:

Coverage Solutions
Site Survey for Repeater Solution
Identification of Donor Antenna Location
Building Modelling in iBwave
DAS Design Based on Available Repeater Power

AEGOTEL performs a site survey to assess the specific coverage challenges within the building. This involves analyzing the existing cellular signal strength, identifying areas with weak coverage, and determining the optimal locations for repeater installation.

A crucial step in the design process is identifying the optimal location for the donor antenna. The donor antenna is the outdoor antenna that captures the existing cellular signal. AEGOTEL carefully selects the most suitable position to ensure maximum signal reception for amplification.

AEGOTEL utilizes iBwave, a comprehensive design tool, to model the building's layout, including floor plans, walls, and other structural elements. This modelling allows for accurate planning and placement of repeaters and antennas within the building.

 AEGOTEL designs the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) based on the available repeater power. The DAS incorporates repeaters strategically placed within the building to amplify and distribute the cellular signal. The design ensures optimal coverage and signal strength throughout the indoor space.