Leaky Cable and Tunnel Coverage Solution

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Leaky cable and tunnel coverage solution

AEGOTEL’s expertise in site surveys, equipment placement, and loss calculations ensures that their leaky cable solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each environment, providing seamless wireless connectivity in challenging indoor and underground spaces.

Here are some of the key aspects of coverage solutions:

Coverage Solutions
Site Survey for Leaky Cable Solution
Identification of Equipment Locations for Amplification
Loss Calculation

AEGOTEL conducts a comprehensive site survey to assess the specific requirements and challenges of the building or tunnel where the leaky cable solution will be implemented. The survey involves evaluating the structural layout, identifying potential signal obstructions, and determining the optimal placement and routing of the leaky cable.

AEGOTEL carefully identifies suitable locations within the building or tunnel where equipment for signal amplification will be installed. This includes selecting the appropriate positions for amplifiers, distribution units, and other necessary components to ensure efficient signal distribution along the leaky cable.

Loss calculation is an important aspect of designing a leaky cable solution. AEGOTEL's team calculates the expected signal loss along the length of the leaky cable based on factors such as cable specifications, environmental conditions, and other signal propagation characteristics. This calculation helps determine the appropriate cable length and necessary amplification to achieve the desired coverage and signal strength.