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Indoor & Outdoor WiFi Coverage Solutions

AEGOTEL specializes in providing indoor and outdoor WiFi coverage solutions in a variety of venues and public areas. AEGOTEL’s focus on WiFi coverage solutions demonstrates their commitment to delivering reliable and seamless connectivity in diverse venues and public spaces, enhancing the WiFi experience for users in these environments.

Here are some key aspects of coverage solutions:

Coverage Solutions
WiFi Solution Design using iBwave and AirMagnet Tools
Site Survey and Coordination
Coverage Optimization

 AEGOTEL leverages advanced design tools like iBwave and AirMagnet to create efficient and optimized WiFi solutions. These software tools allow for accurate modeling, planning, and simulation of WiFi networks. AEGOTEL's team can design the WiFi network architecture, determine the placement and configuration of access points, and optimize coverage and performance using these tools

Prior to implementing the WiFi solution, AEGOTEL conducts thorough site surveys to assess the specific requirements and challenges of the venue or outdoor public area. Site surveys involve analyzing the physical layout, identifying potential obstacles or interference sources, and understanding the WiFi coverage needs and user density. This information is crucial for designing a WiFi network that meets the venue's unique demands.

Based on the site survey findings, AEGOTEL optimizes the WiFi coverage by strategically placing access points, antennas, and other network equipment. The goal is to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the venue or public area, considering factors such as signal strength, capacity, and interference mitigation. AEGOTEL's expertise allows them to optimize the WiFi network to provide reliable and high-performance connectivity for users.